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Welcum 2 a bl0g dedicatd to paint creeshuns of the Doktah Who nayture. Feel free 2 submit yor own masterpeeses nd hav fun. Wi mek our own and reboob others nd aksept submishuns.

whovian peepls lollin

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[madona’s┬álike a virgin┬áplays in the background]

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why? were u thinkin of somethin else u trashbin?

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thats rly messed up clara

in honor of there bein a new episode today heres an old classic comic bc ive just had my wisdom teeth out and my mouth is sore and i cant be bothered to draw anything new for a few more hours

(via doctor-catson)

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wholockedbaby: Please oh please draw a comic right when you get home still high on morphine

surgerys done but im not loopy at all?? im disappointed tbh. i wanted to draw a comic or two while out of it but im totally lucid. lame.

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ok everyone! this is a heads up that i dont know if ill be able to make any comics for the next few days because im about to have my wisdom teeth removed! idk how out of it ill be or how much energy ill have so

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slay-manday: this is the my favorite blog so thanks for being rad and brightening my dash and keep being fabulous or i will find you

this was really sweet and then it got very threatening very fast

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